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Sammy Gonzales

Occupation: Sales
Email: Email Sammy Gonzales

Ht/Wt: 5' 10", 215
College: SDSU/CSUB
Marital Status: Single
Children: Mia (6)
Leisure Interests: Anything outdoors

First Year Playing Rugby: 1992

Rugby Position(s): Fly-half, Centers, Fullback

Years @ WRC/Bermuda: 2010, 2011
Classic Eagle Caps: 6
First Year on Classic Eagles: 2010
US Rugby Experience : U-19's, Mens player-pool, Classics

Favorite Classic Eagles Coach: Didn't know we had one, but Kid always steps in nicely.
Favorite Classic Eagles Manager: Ty Gray
Favorite Classic Eagles Teammate: Joe Gonzales (One Helluve Guy), old man put me to shame this trip.

Best Classic Eagles Gear Trade: US backpack for Los Pumas backpack with a bottle of rum he forgot.

Favorite Bermuda Classic Moment: Winning is nice but watching Doug Brown carry 6 trays of Dark 'n Stormy's across the dance floor was pretty impressive and a moment in itself.
Favorite Rookie Show: 2010 = well prepared!
Best Manager Story: Where do you begin???
Favorite Bermuda Classic Moped Story/Moment: It hasn't been done since 2010, but Dogbe in the middle of mainstreet with plenty of spectators watching pulls off the best break-dancing 360 scooter windmill spin anyone's ever seen, the bike was down and up so fast and he even ended striking a pose, people clapped and was amazing!
Favorite Bermudan: Nick Ingham, AKA "MUDA"
Favorite Bermuda Hangout: Club 761 was on time this year!
Favorite Bermuda Drink: Swizz-nizzle!
Favorite Bermuda Quote: Check the easel.
Favorite Bermuda Beach Story: It's always fun watching D-Brown get dunked year after year.
Favorite Bermuda Theme Costume: Globetrotters

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