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About USA Classic Eagles Rugby

About the Classic Eagles
The U.S.A. Eagles Rugby Players Association or better known as "Classic Eagles" was formed in 1986 by John Jelaco former U.S. National Team Player and has established participation in international competitions including the World Rugby Classic held each November in Bermuda. Classic Eagles was formally accepted as Team America Rugby, Inc. on May 24th 1993 as a 501(c) corporation in the State of California and the initial agent in my behalf was David Yancey, who signed the documents on June 1st of 1992 and filed in behalf of Classic Eagles.

About the World Rugby Classic
The World Rugby Classic is a tournament played every November comprised of 8 men's teams. To qualify, a player must be at least 33 and have represented his country in rugby at the international level.

The tournament, which began in 1988, has blossomed into a global event that attracts tourists, sponsors and players from around the globe. The 10 matches are now played at the National Sports Centre surrounded by sponsors, fans, celebrities and players who have faced each other on the pitch for years.

Players including Willie John McBride, David Campese, JPR Williams, JPR Williams, Jeremy Guscott, Phil Kearns, Gavin Hastings, Brian Vizard, Philippe Sella, Al Charron, Joost van der Westhuizen, Tiann Strauss and Kevin Swords are among those who have played at the tournament over the past 20 years.

The atmosphere brings back memories of rugby's golden days as fans, supporters, sponsors and players mix, mingle and party together under one tent after the matches.

Friday night's "Up Front" party is known as the "best party of the year" in Bermuda.

Join the Classic Eagles on the rock next year and keep the rugby ball rolling for another generation.